Up and down at Historic Grand Prix in copenhagen

Marco Werner started the weekend at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix in the Formula Junior with a Lotus 22 built in 1962. Werner starts from pole position in Heat 1, which is considered starting grid for the final race. Marco Werner won the race with a new lap record and will start on Sunday in the final again from the pole position. But the race on Saturday was not that easy. The entire field was long delayed on the grid and overheated several engines in the Formula Junior class. So also the Lotus of Marco Werner. Nevertheless, Werner was on the way to a safe victory. But the organizer made another mistake. After the end of the race, normally a race lap is driven. Werner got after the time but still two laps displayed. In his alleged last lap Werner stopped after engine misfires. But he was led as the winner. You drove one lap too much …

On Sunday, Werner sat in the final run from the start directly from the field. But on lap three, the safety car came out due to an accident and the lead was gone. The safety car drove partially only 20 km / h and the Lotus 22 of Werner overheated again. One lap later there was the demolition by the red flag. Werner was asked to the podium. But the mess continued. It was restarted five minutes later. However, Werner had to cut the sails due to water loss of the engine. “I did not want to risk that the engine would go very high”, so the almost fixed winner, “this coming weekend is the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring and a capital engine failure brings nothing. Then the next weekend is also broken. So we have the hope that only the head gasket has been damaged. That’s racing. It goes up and down ».