Time travel at the Oldtimer Grand Prix

Marco Werner started on vehicles from three epochs

At the 47th Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, the triple Le Mans winner confirmed his class as an all-rounder. Werner started with a Lotus 22 from 1962 in the FIA ​​Lurani Formula Junior Trophy, moved a McLaren M8 from 1972 and a Aston Martin Vantage GT3 from a fairly modern era.

As eighth Werner went to the Formula Junior at the Saturday race at the start. Werner hoped for one of the top places in race one, but the Lotus 22 did not start immediately and Marco Werner had to start 41st and last. The ex sports car pilot showed a remarkable catch-up and finished run one in fifth place. On Sunday, he finished fourth in the heavily occupied field of the Formula Junior pack in race two.

It was better for the sports car specialists in the race for the Can Am series, which went together with the German Racing Championship at the start. In rainy practice Werner drove more than 10 seconds faster than the competition and drove so easily to the pole position. He kept the lead loose in race one until the middle of the race. But already as in Hockenheim, Werner fought with a decelerating brake on the McLaren. A ride through the gravel of Werner used by then runner-up Felix Haas with his Lola and read the victory in front of Werner no longer take. “I spent the rest of the race pumping up the brakes,” says Werner. “I could not hold on to Felix, but at least I managed to finish second overall and win the class.” In the second race on Sunday, Haas and Werner delivered a great duel, which thrilled the audience. Several times changed in the first rounds between the two the lead. After a safety car phase, Werner was able to break away from Haas and thus decided the race for himself and took another overall victory, after his two race wins in Hockenheim.

It was better on Saturday for Marco Werner at the Aston Martin Masters Endurance Legends. Werner won with partner Oliver Mathai at his premiere in the series on the ChromeCars Aston Martin, which is used by Britec Motorsports. Werner drove the first stint and even took the GT 1 Aston Martin and was the fastest GT. Oliver Mathai had to fight hard for the victory, since the mandatory pit stop had to last 20 seconds longer than the competition, as Werner was classified as Pro. “Actually, they would have to classify me as a racing pensioner” laughed Marco Werner “my professional time is almost 10 years ago”.
On Sunday, Werner again showed his skills on the new car for him. He came back with just under six seconds ahead of round one, further extended the lead and handed over again to first place at Oliver Mathai. But luck was not on their side. Mathai was shot off while passing. Wheel suspension broken and thus the end of the race. “Too bad,” says Marco Werner, “it would have been a sure victory.”