Successful weekend at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic

A successful weekend contested Marco Werner at the Jim Clark Revival 2019. The former sports car pro was in three different racing classes at the start.

At the Youngtimer Challenge Cup, Werner competed with a Procar BMW M1 from Team Wagner. Werner immediately showed his class in the rain. For the first time on the car, he placed in the first qualifying the BMW immediately on the first place in the class and had only two sports cars in the overall standings in front of him. But it did not work that well for the time being. As he overtook under yellow, Werner was moved three places to the rear. In race one, he had a plate early in the race with the Jagermeister BMW M1, which Kurt König once drove in the German Racing Trophy and thus won the Norisring, and had to turn off the BMW. In race two, he even had a clutch damage on the BMW. As a result, he had to race for the third race from 24th on the grid. This time, however, the Wagner BMW M1 ran like a clockwork and Werner was able to take home a trophy for second place after his catching up race.

At the inauguration of the hotly contested FIA Lurani Trophy for Formula Junior cars from 1958 to 1962, Werner introduced the Lotus 22, prepared by Britec Motorsports, to the front row. Werner P1 had a long break, but had to be defeated by Manfredo Rossi di Montelera at 4/10. But that was still trembling, if Werner can even start. Because there were 58 entries for 37 starting places. And the participants, who had participated in all races in recent years, were again set for the 37 grid positions. Werner, who celebrated his 53rd birthday in Hockenheim on Saturday, got his first gift from the Formula Junior Organization in the morning. Some participants already had problems in training and so Werner moved up and started from the front row. But at the start of the first race, the release camp flew apart at the Lotus and Werner did not come off the start. He rushed the field afterwards and fought his sensational from 37th place to 8th place. “Under the circumstances, I have to be satisfied with P8. Even if it wears. Because in training I drove myself for the first time in the front row. Now I just wanted to show that this is not only in the rain,” says Werner.

Similar picture then at the second run on Sunday. Again, he did not get off well at the start, as when switching to second gear, the speed was not accepted by the engine. Werner found himself in 15th place after the first corner and fought his way back up to 5th place.

But it could not run better in the first appearance with the McLaren M8F in the Canadian Amarican Trophy. Fastest in the first qualifying practice in the rain. Full 14 seconds before the second. Fastest again in the second qualifier. This time in the dry and 3 seconds before Felix Haas in Lola Cosworth. With two overall victories, the three-time Le Mans winner left nothing to be desired and showed his class. But the Saturday race was a pure “egg dance” because in the second round of rain started and the whole field was started on slicks. Marco Werner and Felix Haas stayed on slicks and shimmied over the distance in the rain without any grip. “Initially Felix was still hanging from my neck, but with more rain I had a little distance. But it was tricky to keep such a car under the conditions on the track,” said Marco Werner after the race. In the second race on Sunday, however, it looked a long time after a victory for Felix Haas. Werner started again from the pole and held the lead for a few laps. But a slowing brake on Werner`s McLaren brought the lead for Felix Haas. But in the last lap Werner surprised the leader Haas and fought back the lead at the entrance to Motodrom. Haas tried again while braking the Sachskurve, but Werner let his experience play and the leadership no longer decrease. “Felix showed his class again today. Compliment,” said Marco Werner after the race, “he put a lot of pressure on me and that put my brakes on my knees. The McLaren weighs just over 300 pounds more like his Lola. I let him go and just wanted to arrive. Then the brake has recovered and I have been able to attack again. With that I surprised Felix, he did not expect it anymore. Then he put himself under pressure and gave me an invitation…” grins the double winner after the race.