Sensational scenery at the Hockenheimring with 35,000 visitors

Disappointment for Marco Werner

It was supposed to be the motor sport event for Marco Werner, who started in three racing series at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic. But this time luck was not on his side. The three-time Le Mans winner started for ChromeCars in the Masters Endurance Legends with a Lotus LMP2 from 2012, which was used by Britec Motorsports as well as the Lotus 87 ex Nigel Mansell, which Werner drove in the Masters Racing Legends, the Formula 1 vehicles of the Years of construction 1966 to 1985 drove. In the Group C Super Cup, Marco Werner started again with the Gebhardt C88.

The weekend got off to a promising start for Werner. He put the ChromeCars Lotus 87 on pole 1.2 seconds ahead of Steve Hartley in the Mclaren MP4/1. Nick Padmore in the Lotus 77 and Michael Lyons in the Lotus 92 placed the other two ChromCars Lotus in third and sixth place. During the race, however, Werner had to turn off the Lotus after one lap. A broken oil line led to engine damage. Nick Padmore gratefully accepted this and confidently won the race in the ChromeCars Lotus 77 prepared by Britec Motorsports. In race two on Sunday, a driver from the Black and Gold Collection, entered by ChromeCars, once again took the top spot on the podium. Michael Lyons won this time in the Lotus 92. Marco Werner was not even able to start on Sunday due to engine failure. “That’s such a pity. First and foremost, I feel sorry for the team and for Kai Nicklauson that we have suffered such damage. After the superior pole position, I thought it would be our weekend here. At least Nick Padmore and Michael Lyons have each won a race for ChromeCars and Britec Motorsport.”

It was similar for Marco Werner in the Group C Super Cup. Although, as expected, he was among the fastest in Group C, he suffered a gearbox failure in Saturday’s race. The third gear was defective. On Sunday it got even worse, it was even again right at the start of a major engine failure on the Gebhardt C88 that forced Marco Werner to give up. A connecting rod was born on the Audi five-cylinder…

Only in the Masters Endurance Legends series was Marco Werner in his element. With the ChromeCars Lotus LMP2, he clinched two class victories and even finished third overall on the podium on Sunday in front of 35,000 spectators, who made for a record crowd this year in Hockenheim. “Unfortunately we had the wrong air pressure in the tires on Saturday, but it was enough to win the class. I don’t have a chance against the LMP1 cars, especially on the straights, but I can annoy one or the other in the corners. The second race on Sunday was perfect and with Britec Motorsports’ good strategy we were even able to finish third overall against all the faster cars. Perfect!» says Marco Werner.

Peter Heil
Friedhelm Bergmann