Season start without ChromeCars cars

The season opener for this year’s “Masters Series” will take place next weekend in Donington, England. Marco Werner will compete for ChromeCars in the “Masters Historic Formula One” and the “Masters Endurance Legends”. However, due to Corona rules, they stay away from the first event. Werner, who successfully competed for ChromeCars with a Lotus 77 last year, will drive a Lotus 92 this year, which was driven by Nigel Mansell in 1983. “A car with a great history, I’m really looking forward to this project, which Britec Motorsports will oversee again this year.” says Marco Werner. The three-time Le Mans winner from 2005, 2006 and 2007 will also take a short journey through time in the “Masters Endurance Legends”. ChromeCars will launch a “Lotus” LMP2 there, which will be driven by Marco Werner and Georg Hallau. “Last year we had wins with our Aston Martin GT3,” says Kai Nieklauson from ChromeCars, “but this year everything is all about” Black and Gold “and we fielded the LMP2 vehicles in the Endurance Series”.

Mike Gensemeyer from Britec Motorsports also regrets that they are not at the start in Donington. «Unfortunately, it is not manageable for us. The use of three vehicles requires around eight mechanics. With the Corona situation and the corresponding quarantine rules due to England, I would have to leave my workforce at home for 14 days afterwards. We can’t afford that, there is still enough work in the company. SO unfortunately we have to forego the start ».