Pure Adrenaline! AMAG race taxi in Arosa

Trip with triple Le Mans winner

At the mountain race in Arosa there is the opportunity to become a part of the race yourself and to experience the AMAG race feeling in a racing taxi.

For years, the three-time Le Mans winner Marco Werner, one of the drivers, the guests of the event impressively takes over the track.

The experience starts with the vehicle transfer from the paddock in Arosa to the start in Langwies. The racing taxis open the racecourses, where they race over the 7.3 km long track to the finish in Arosa. The G-forces of the 76 corners experienced by the own body will certainly keep the guests in mind for a long time!

The weather did not play all day, because in the afternoon there was heavy rain. But just then, guests and spectators are enthusiastic about what the “racing taxi drivers” are presenting. “Especially then people are very surprised,” says Marco Werner “because then shows what such an Audi Quattro can”. “AMAG, mountains, Quattro, that fits perfectly” says Marco Werner enthusiastically.

Photo Credit: Ela Lehmann