Marco Werner wins at the Salzburgring at ChromeCars Tojeiro

At the weekend, Britec Motorsports used the ChromeCars Tojeiro EE1 for the first time at the Dunlop A Gentle Drivers Trophy. Cars from the 50s and 60s drive in this FHR series. A beautiful and colorful mix of the Porsche 356, Ferrari 306S Dino, Morgan, Austin Healey and the fast Lotus 23, Jaguar Lister, Cobra were at the start at the Salzburgring and also delighted the spectators with great position battles, which unfortunately could only be seen via lifestream because no spectators were allowed on the route.

With the Lifestream, the organizer of the motorsport festival, which is being held for the first time, has provided a great fan service. There were over 6000 fans in the lifestream and followed the races. There, fans could also watch races for Formula 3 and the touring car Classiks.

At the Dunlop A Gentle Drivers Trophy, Marco Werner put the Tojeiro Ford on pole in the rain with impressive drifts on Saturday. That was a good start for the ex Jackie Stewart car, which also started at Le Mans in the early 1960s. An absolutely original unique piece, which is in the millions and will always be a spectator magnet.

Werner took the lead in race one and was able to break away on lap three. Initially, Armin Zumtobel put a lot of pressure on in the Porsche 906, but lost ground to the Le Mans winner in the first laps. In round four the red flag came because Zumtobel had flown a lot. He got out of the car on his own, but sustained a knee injury. “We all wish Armin a speedy recovery and are happy that he survived the accident in the first place,” said a shocked Marco Werner. Run one was completely canceled after the accident and was not counted.

In run two the same picture. From the pole, Werner took the lead in the ChromeCars Tojeiro EE1 and this time had Felix Haas in the neck in the first three rounds. Werner was able to break away in the course of a good eight seconds and won ahead of Gearg Hallau in the Lotus 23 and Markus Jörg in the Lotus Eleven. Felix Haas had to give up his secure second overall place on the penultimate lap. Hallau and Jörg previously delighted the audience on the PC with a great duel for third place, which made Hallau second overall.

Photo credit: KH Saarland and ChromeCars