Marco Werner visits the MAC Museum

Oldtimer friends and lovers of historical motorsport recently visited the MAC Museum in Singen together with Marco Werner. One was particularly fascinated by the exhibition of historical automotive technology of various decades, which can be admired on 4000 square meters of the Museum of Art & Cars. But also the exhibited art of various painters and celebrity photographers, which underlines the presentation of the historic automobiles, captivated the visitors. The modern architecture of the two museum buildings MAC 1 and MAC 2 are among the outstanding buildings in the Lake Constance region. The castle Hohentwiel as well as the hilly landscape around the Singener Hausberg served as a muse for the architect as a complete work of art.

Modern lighting technology manages to reconcile art with breathtaking lighting experiences and make it a unique experience for the visitor. The donor couple Gabriela Unbehaun-Maier and Hermann Maier have made it their mission to record the history around mobility and the automobile and to connect it with regional artists. But also works by star artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons or Roy Lichtenstein were already to be admired in the semi-annually changing exhibitions at the MAC.

“The cars on display here are a dream,” says Marco Werner during his visit, “It actually starts almost at the zero hour of automotive history and goes into the modern era and into electric mobility and the future of mobility. I also loved the special exhibition of the Swiss Monteverdi vehicles as well as the Bizzarrini cars… just mega beautiful. So it’s worth a visit for Swiss car fans right now,” said the three-time Le Mans winner.

Parkstraße 1
D-78224 Singing at Hohentwiel