Marco Werner victorious in Zandvoort

With two wins in the LMP2 class, as well as an overall victory on Saturday, Marco Werner could be satisfied in Zandvoort. In the Saturday race of the Masters Endurance Legends Series he started with the ChromeCars Lotus LMP2 from the first row of the grid. Christoph D`ansembourg with the fast Aston Martin LMP1 started the race from pole position. But D`ansembourg had to give up the lead to Werner in lap one, who was able to catch D`ansembourg on the inside in Hugenholts Bucht. But Werner did not enjoy his lead for long, because the Aston Martin LMP1 was 38 km/h faster on start/finish and easily caught Werner again. Werner put a lot of pressure on D’ansembourg and was able to get close to him except at the start/finish and always put him under pressure. Marco Werner was the first to enter the pits for the obligatory pit stop. When Christoph D`ansembourg also pitted he changed to a fresh set of tires. However, a defective driveshaft appeared on the Aston Martin during the start-up and this cleared the way for Marco Werner in the Lotus LMP2 prepared by Britec Motorsports to take overall victory in race one. On Sunday, Werner started from pole position, but it wasn`t long before the Aston Martin came up behind Werner on lap three and again easily overtook him on start/finish. D`ansembourg was again unable to pull away. It was not until after the pit stop that D`ansembourg pulled away from Werner by as much as 11 seconds. Werner had a bad pit stop, because on entering the pits, Cor Euser in the Macos sneaked through the pits at a full 31 Km/h and blocked Werner. Euser also pulled out in front of Werner again and on the way out the game was repeated. “Euser cost me a lot of time in the pits. And on the lap after that, I also didn’t get past him until half a lap had passed. We’re just slower on the straights than a GT car. That cost us well over 10 seconds. D’ansembourg was able to pull away to 11 seconds,” said Werner after the race. In the end Marco Werner attacked again and came within 2.4 seconds, but Christoph D’ansembourg did not let him take the overall victory on Sunday.

Photos: ELFImages Motorsport