Goodbye Sir!

Sir Sterling Moss is dead! He died at home on Easter morning in the presence of his wife Susie, at the age of 90 after a long illness. Years ago he plunged into the elevator shaft and seriously injured himself. A breast infection in 2017 also tied him to the hospital bed for nine months. Afterwards he withdrew from the public, was too weak. Before that, he had always been a welcome guest at many oldtimer events and a lot as a Mercedes representative in recent decades.

In the years of his Grand Prix career from 1951 to 1961, he was considered the eternal second because he was Vice World Champion four times! Once he missed the World Cup by one point. In the event of a disqualification of his competitor Mike Hawthorn, he campaigned for him to be allowed to keep his points … campaigned for and his points retention of his World Cup opponent. Without that, he would have been world champion. So he remained in the mind of all fans as the gentleman.

In truth, he was one of the most successful racing drivers for decades! He won a total of 16 Grand Prix on Maserati, Mercedes, Cooper and Lotus. In addition, he won the 1000Km race on the Nürburgring in 1960, he won the legendary “Taga Florio” and “Mille Miglia” in 1955. In April 1962, Moss had a hard time at a Formula 1 race in Goodwood that was not part of the World Championship. A few weeks of coma, severe head injuries, initially a half-sided paralysis ended his successful career. In 1999 he was raised to the nobility by the Queen and was given the suffix «Sir».

He will be missing from the motorsport world! One of the most successful racing drivers in history and, above all, one of the last true gentlemen of this sport went on his last lap. Farewell Sir Sterling Moss!