First track day by Marco Werner and Britec Motorsports in Oschersleben

Many friends of historic motorsport literally burned under their fingernails to finally get a taste of the racetrack air. With Corona rules and a few drawbacks, however, a track day with a limited number of participants could be held in Oschersleben. Despite some editions and cutbacks that had to be made, all participants were satisfied. First and foremost, it’s about driving fun on the track and that was guaranteed. “We would like to thank the operators of Oschersleben for their warm welcome and made many things possible,” said Mike Gensemeyer of Britec Motorsports, the co-organizer of the event.

The almost 25 participants had a lot of driving fun and were able to enjoy many different vehicles. From the Lotus Elite, which is not exactly known for its high engine performance, through Formula 2, Group C and Formula 1, there was a colorful variety of racing vehicles on the racetrack. Thanks to the consideration of the participants and the small number of participant vehicles, there was a lot of track time and fun on the track.

“Finally it started again,” said race instructor Marco Werner, “in the morning I gave a short coaching to refresh and then after a few months I finally got back into the cars. I’ve never had such a long break from racing in my life. And then it was really a dream day. ChromeCars brought me a Lotus 77 Formula 1, a Porsche 935, Porsche 962, an ex Jackie Stewart Tojeiro EE1 from 1962 and a Lotus 30 from the 1960s. To be able to drive such a car once is a dream for many, but all in one day, you have to process that first, »said Marco Werner with a broad grin.

Sabine Waskönig
Christian Wilkens