Felix Haas and Marco Werner win Two-hour race at the OGP – Fun in Formula 1

Felix Haas and Marco Werner confidently won the FHR Endurance Cup at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix on the Lola T210 used by Britec Motorsport. The three-time Le Mans winner Marco Werner took over the Lola from Felix Haas after an hour, who then went straight to the race in the German Racing Championship and Can Am Series in a three-liter Lola. Haas won both races there too. Haas / Werner were on pole position in the Endurance Cup, which Marco Werner achieved with a 2.08.9. Felix Haas was initially followed by second placed Marcus von Oeynhausen and Vincent Kolb (2nd in qualification 2.17.4) in the fast Ford GT 40. In the long run, however, Haas was able to exploit the advantages of little Lola and his speed and increase his lead. In third overall, behind Oeynhausen / Kolb, the father-son team Edgar and Nick Salewsky crossed the finish line in a Porsche RSR. The duo Jürgen Rudolph and Rainer Becker, who brought the fast and beautiful Porsche 910 to the OGP, came fourth overall.

Marco Werner also took a seat in another classic. ChromeCars brought the JPS Lotus 77 to the Nürburgring and delighted the audience at the demo run of the Formula 1 vehicles. Pure sound was the order of the day here, as this special run actually stood for Ferrari Formula 1 vehicles. In the special run, the twelve-cylinder engine thrilled the audience, as did the former Formula 1 stars Jacky Ickx and Rene Arnoux, who both got behind the wheel of a Ferrari Formula 1.