Daytona Historic 2019 – Fast but without luck

ChromeCars used two cars sponsored by Britec Motorsports at Daytona’s 24 Hours Classics. The drivers Marco Werner and Oliver Mathai moved an Aston Martin GT 3 from the year 2013, as well as a Chevron B36 from the year 1976. Marco Werner, who won the 24 Hours Daytona in 1995 with a Kremer Porsche K8, participated in his first laps The ChromeCars Chevron took a long-winded spot in overall Group B in light rain. “Although I’ve never ridden the car before, I was fine with it right off the bat and immediately felt comfortable in the Chevron. A great car with Le Mans story, which is also great to drive. As long as I drove the number 84 was at the top of the display tower. A nice start, “says Marco Werner, who stopped the chevron early in training,” all OK “, and in the end was in second place.
In the race, the ChromeCars chevron had the lead, but luck was not on the side of Marco Werner and Oliver Mathai. A broken ignition distributor, as well as a broken wheel bearing thwarted the onward journey of the leading Chevron in class B5. Even the overall victory in Group B would have been feasible, so there were many disappointed faces at Britec Motorsports and ChromeCars.

Not everything went well with the Aston Martin. Already in the first practice there was a broken splinter suspension and thus the first completely destroyed front splitter. “The car just jumped so you could barely see the track,” says Oliver Mathai. And so it should go through the whole week in Daytona. It was also fast with the Aston Martin GT3, but always had problems with the splinter and the resulting aerodynamic problems to fight. “This is a pity. Again, the speed was there for a good result. But we have to get through too. I’m really sorry for the team. The car was always good this year. We won at the Nürburgring, where I sat on this car for the first time. We were so excited about Daytona and stuff like that. These problems are tied to one’s hands. Britec Motorsports has done a great job, but you just do not have the opportunity to repair such things on the spot. And we already had two splinters. Other teams are not set up, they give up immediately. We tried everything possible. But a repair of such a part is really just an attempt. The Aero on such a car is too sensitive. Too bad. But we still have Sebring in front of us, “said Marco Werner disappointed.