ChromeCars brings ex Jackie Stewart Tojeiro to Salzburg

“It’s finally starting again,” says Marco Werner. “I’m looking forward to the first race weekend in 2020. I’ve never had such a long break from racing”. Next weekend Werner will start a series with 50s and 60s vehicles in the “Dunlop A Gentle Drivers Trophy” and will move a Tojeiro EE1 from CromeCars, which was driven by none other than Jackie Stewart. “Such a special and high-quality vehicle is always a crowd-puller, but unfortunately, due to the restrictions, no spectators are allowed, but the organizer still offers the fans something.” says Marco Werner.

“For the premiere at the Salzburgring, we managed to put together a high-quality program and, despite the restrictions, make it accessible to everyone via livestream,” said Christoph Gerlach, organizer of the motorsport festival.

Dunlop A Gentle Drivers Trophy

11.30-12.00 Qualifying 1
14.50-15.20 qualifying 2

09.35-10.05 Race 1
15.30-16.00 race 2

Here is the livestream to not miss anything on the weekend of July 11-12: