Cancellation – no Bosch Hockenheim Historic 2020

Dear friends of historical motorsport,

This year a traditional highlight event of the Hockenheimring, popular with fans and participants alike, will be canceled for the first time in 15 years: The Bosch Hockenheim Historic – The Jim Clark Revival (original date: April 24-26) is due to the Corona crisis affected by a cancellation. Although we, the Hockenheim-Ring GmbH, have long tried in our role as an organizer to arrange a replacement date in autumn, but now in view of the new decision of the country conference last week, in which an extension of the ban on major events until at least October 31 announced the end of a 2020 edition of the classic car event.
Even if a current regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg with precise formulation of the ban on major events and the announced, much-quoted exceptions is not yet available, there is no doubt that the cuts in the size and quality of Bosch Hockenheim Historic would be sensitive. As our experience of the past few weeks shows, the short-term adjustments to the corona situation and the corresponding necessary official requirements make concrete or even timely planning for us as the organizer, but also for all teams and participants, who are also partially affected by strict travel regulations. impossible.

From an economic point of view, audience restrictions or even a completely missing audience mean lost revenue that is urgently needed to successfully and smoothly run an event. The high costs involved make the Bosch Hockenheim Historic not economically viable this season. This fact weighs even more heavily in the crisis year 2020, which presents Hockenheim-Ring GmbH with major financial challenges.

The Bosch Hockenheim Historic lives from the open paddock, its special flair, the lived proximity to the fan. Through protective measures and restrictions, it loses much of its special characteristics and charm. This is a circumstance that the teams, the participants and we as organizers could not adequately compensate for to the dismay of everyone involved and visitors. We feel obliged to our fans and partners to recognize this.

New date for 2021
But we also have good news. An appointment has already been found for the next Bosch Hockenheim Historic in the coming season:
Bosch Hockenheim Historic: May 7 – 9, 2021 *