30 years later… back in town Marco Werner wins in Monaco

May 1992, Marco Werner wins the Formula 3 Grand Prix. 30 years later, the now 56-year-old in the ChromeCars Lotus 87 won the Historique Grand Prix in Monte Carlo with ease.

“It’s like a flashback,” says Marco Werner after his Monaco victory at the Historique Grand Prix 2022. “Driving here in Formula 1 and also winning is a great feeling and brings back many memories of my Formula 3 victory in 1992. An incredibly emotional moment and a great feeling to be able to make this journey through time». Werner started in two classes this year. ChromeCars entered five Lotus Formula 1 cars with JPS livery from their Black and Gold Collection and Werner got to drive the Lotus 76 ex Ronnie Peterson and a Lotus 87 ex Nigel Mansell.

In the “E” series, Marco Werner started third with the Lotus 76, behind Stuart Hall and ex-Formula 1 driver Roberto Moreno. Marco Werner was second in qualifying for a long time, but Moreno pushed Werner down to third place at the last moment. But right at the start Werner took over second place from Moreno and followed Hall like a shadow. The chasing group with third-placed Michael Lyons showed great duels with Lyons, Moreno, Padmore and Fisken, while Werner Stuart Hall followed like a shadow and finished second. Finally, Padmore fought for fourth place for ChromeCars with the Lotus 77. “I’m overjoyed with second place, I would never have expected that with the Lotus 76,” said Werner after the race in the “E” series.

In the “G” series of the “Senna Class”, the former Le Mans winner left nothing to chance. A clear pole position and a start and finish victory was a clear result for Marco Werner on Sunday. A total of three Lotus cars from ChromeCars were in action in race «E». In addition to Werner’s Lotus 87, Britec Motorsports also prepared a Lotus 92 for Michael Lyons for this race and entered the legendary Lotus 88 with the “double chassis” for Nick Padmore. And the combination of Britec Motorsports and ChromeCars created something unprecedented in Historic Sport. All three Lotus occupied the podium places. Kai Nieklauson from ChromeCars and Mike Gensemeyer from Britec Motorsports dedicated the triple success to Lotus and Colin Chapman, who died 40 years ago and brought the John Player Special colors to Formula 1 exactly 50 years ago. Marco Werner beamed after his victory in the Lotus 87, which was driven by Nigel Mansell at the time: “It’s an amazing result for ChromeCars and Britec. It’s nice to be able to win such a great race like the Historic Grand Prix in Monaco with Mike after the Le Mans victory in 2016. I’m proud of Kai Nieklauson from ChromeCars who can show such a success in such a short time with the Black and Gold Collection.